2019 福音月历咭(只提供简体字版本)

  • Wallet-size fold out calendar 明片咭尺寸的折叠月历咭

  • Gospel text/ presentation on front and back, opens to a full year calendar 经文印有在面及底页,打开为一年月历

  • All public holidays in Mainland China marked in red with an asterisk 中国假期红色*

  • Size: 9.3cm long x 5.7cm wide (folded) 尺寸:长9.3cm ,阔5.7cm (折叠后)

  • All donations appreciated 接受捐款

Front & back- shown unfolded (folds up x 3)

打开后的封面及封底 (两个折)

Inside - shown unfolded (folds up x 3)

打开后的内页 (两个折)

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