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There are many gospel tracts in Christian Book Room available in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and other Asian languages for outreach and ministry.

Tract List

Please use our Tracts Online Order Form if you would like to order these tracts. 

若想下訂這些單張並郵寄給你, 請填上我們的網上表格

English Tracts

Our books, cards, tracts and materials are available free of charge. We appreciate however your donation towards cost of production and postage (Official receipt issued).

Chinese Tracts

List of Chinese Tracts 中文單張清單 : (㸃擊單張名字可以閱讀)

​基督福音書局內的書藉、咭、單張及材料㫮是免費提供。 我們歡迎你對成本及郵費的捐獻 (可提供收據)。

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