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Chinese Books & Booklets

​中文書籍及小册子 (繁體 / 简体)

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List of Chinese Books & Booklets 中文書籍清單 :

  • 主權 (Lordship)

  • 潔淨 (Clean)

  • 獨身 (Singleness- A Male Perspective)

  • 髒仔 (Greasy)

  • 傳道 (The Preacher & His Preaching)

  • 福樂 (Happiness)

  • 敬拜 (Worship)

  • 教會 (Church)

  • 金屋子

  • 真門徒 (True Discipleship)

  • 馬丁可 (Martinko)

  • 坐.立.行 (Sit, Walk, Stand)

  • 問得好 (That’s A Good Question)

  • 救知樂 (Safety, Certainty & Enjoyment)

  • 人的心 (The Heart Of Man)

  • 神的心 (The Heart Of GOD)

  • 聖經課題 (上册- 舊約) - 給予老師及傳道人的五年硏習課程

  • 聖經課題 (下册- 新約) - 給予老師及傳道人的五年硏習課程

  • 分別在此 (Here’s The Difference)

  • 元首之權 (Headship)

  • 主的晚餐 (The Lord’s Supper)

  • 美麗恩典 (Beautiful Grace)

  • 回轉之路 (There’s A Way Back To GOD)

  • 飛越邊境 (Flight Over The Border)

  • 棄假歸真 (Turn To GOD From Idols)

  • 福音四要 (The 4 Essentials)

  • 神或上帝 (Report On The Term Question)

  • 祂的一生 (He Lived Among Us)

  • 天路靈糧 (Pilgrim Portions)

  • 世局縱橫 (The Next Move)

  • 人生豐年 (The Best Is Yet To Be)

  • 救恩之道 (GOD’s Way Of Salvation)

  • 歸向基督 (Unto Christ)

  • 奇妙的書 (The Wonder Of The Book)

  • 終極信奉

  • 基督之傷 (The Wounds Of Christ)

  • 愛主忠僕 (Beloved Faithful Servants)

  • 召會真理 (Assembly Truth)

  • 日領神道 (One Day At A Time)


  • 利未記釋義

  • ​婚姻與家庭 (Marriage and the Family)

  • 創世記釋義

  • 亞當與基督 (Adam Or Christ)

  • 重新與釘死 (Born Crucified)

  • 完全的奉獻 (Consecration (Lev. 6 & 19))

  • 只是個僕人 (Only A Servant)

  • 彌賽亞詩篇 (The Messianic Psalms)

  • 十架的能力 (The Power Of The Cross)

  • 請差遣阿美 (Here Am I Lord, But Send Daphne!)

  • 撒種與心田 (Sowing & The Heart)

  • 啟示錄註解 (The Revelation)


  • 出埃及記釋義

  • 聖經預言概說 (Eternity To Eternity)

  • 神選民的信心 (The Faith Of GOD’s Elect)

  • 為的是記念我 (Remember Me)


  • 使徒行傳的挑戰

  • 約翰福音的挑戰 (The Challenge Of John’s Gospel)

  • 為屬靈繁衍而生 (Born To Reproduce)

  • 滇緬路上的壞車 (Wrecks On The Burma Road)

  • 無神論錯謬剖析 (The Answer To Moscow’s Bible)

  • 分析導致的麻木 (The Paralysis Of Analysis)

  • 如何輔導耶証人士 (A Manual On Counselling Jehovah’s Witnesses)

  • 榮美的主耶穌基督 (The Moral Glory Of The Lord Jesus Christ)

  • 教會書信中的召會 (The Church In The Pastoral Epistles)

  • 祂的富足, 我們的富足

  • 二十個原因我不追求 (20 Reasons Why I Neither Seek Nor Desire The Present-day Gift Of ‘Tongues’)

  • 瑪麗瓊斯和她的聖經 (Mary Jones And Her Bible)

  • 給青年信徒十二封信 (Twelve Letters To Young Believers)

  • 主耶穌基督的至高權柄 (Supreme Authority Of The Lord)

  • 奉主耶穌名聚會的基督徒 (Christians Gathered In The Name Of The Lord Jesus)

  • 教會—我應當跟誰在一起聚會呢

  • 一位愛的神會永遠惩罪祂的造物嗎 (Will A GOD OF Love Punish Any Of His Creatures For Ever?)

Our books, cards, tracts and materials are available free of charge. We appreciate however your donation towards cost of production and postage (Official receipt issued).

​基督福音書局內的書藉、咭、單張及材料㫮是免費提供。 我們歡迎你對成本及郵費的捐獻 (可提供收據)。

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