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Christ The Lord Our Righteousness

A Christian who had just arrived in a free country after suffering years of persecution in his own was appalled at the seeming casual commitment to Jesus Christ from the strong materialistic contamination taking place in the lives of Christians there. So he spoke out strongly and somewhat bitterly. Sometime later he returned to visit that same friend to whom he had spoken so bluntly.


He asked if his friend remembered what he had said and the bitterness of his criticism. The friend remembered. They both stood silent for a few seconds, reflecting and the one who had been on the receiving end of the bitter attack tensed for a second onslaught, but the criticizer said,


“I have come to apologize both for what I said and the way in which I said it. I was merely afraid and ignorant of the situation here, for I did not know how dangerous freedom could be! It has been a year since I arrived and I am now worse than those I criticized.”


He then added a significant statement: “It is more difficult to live the Christian life under ‘freedom to choose’ than under repression.”


Before our esteemed brother in Guangzhou, China, Samuel Lamb graduated to heaven to be with Christ, he repeatedly said to visitors, “We have physical persecution here but you there have materialism. Your lot is harder because we here now know what we are spiritually fighting. Many times you don’t!” (Many believers here in China know personally what is materialistic contamination!)


Another Chinese Church leader adds, “Once you are chasing money there is not time and energy for spirituality. The government knows that materialism will destroy the church faster than persecution can, so I tell my co-workers here in China that the enemy we are facing today is not only communism, it is also materialism.”


Bible believing Christians worldwide continue to meet together wherever possible with or without their nation’s favours toward Christ. Irrespective of whether they receive some national and governmental provision; believers know that their first responsibility is to look solely to GOD, His Word and the Lord Jesus Christ in all. Often this will mean meeting together and take place in homes and simple cottage gatherings. They have no rules, demands, controls, nor edicts of men upon them. They have no earthly headquarters nor central control administration from another country. Their leader is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD, their guide the Holy Scriptures, they neither register to obtain governmental favours and status in the society in which they dwell, nor do they involve themselves in politics but exist as salt and light for Christ within their locality.

The Bible believer’s bond is their word whereby they seek to be truthful and speak truth in all things. The bond that keeps them together is not one of agreement to subscribe to certain “Church” principles but simply this, that when two individual people both love the same Lord Jesus Christ and both accept the absolute authority of the Word of GOD, they inevitably find themselves together and have a bond that is stronger than any other that could ever be made. (Psalm 119:63 & 2 Timothy 2:22)


They do not take sectarian ground. What they so wonderfully enjoy together is freely available to all others also, “For … GOD our Saviour … will have all men to be saved and come unto the knowledge of the truth.” 1 Timothy 2:3-4  They practise an opened heart and door policy, of “come and see” to examine closely together GOD’s Word, that GOD’s grace is a free gift available to all who will believe GOD and His Word.


This truth they present to all who will listen but there is no coercion to take this same path nor are any compelled to continue in it afterward, for how can two walk together except they be agreed. Amos 3:3


These believers do not seek to change or save the world nor impose their faith upon others, but they do seek to have the Scriptural right to withdraw from the control of others, in order to follow the teaching of Scripture and walk in separation from evil. They believe the bundling effect as in Matthew 13:30 will continue, intensify and spoil the sanctity and purity of all things, especially in the marriage bond and among the next generation of the children of believers who seek to nurture and raise children in the admonition of the Lord.


Many a direct challenge to the authority of the Holy Scriptures of GOD and the very words of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is taking place even throughout  the  Christian world.    


The reality is that even if reduced to simply two or three gathered together in the Name of the Son of GOD our Lord Jesus Christ, He will be with and among us in all His glorious grace and power.


Many a direct challenge to the authority of the Holy Scriptures of GOD and the very words of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is taking place throughout  the Christian world.


Change is upon us all everywhere, and especially for all in the Christian world of Christendom.  Forgive the repetition, but doctrinal decay, moral deterioration and the; “rich and increased with goods and in need of nothing” state of things is widespread and deeply entrenched everywhere. (Revelation 3:17)


“Lord help us then to walk apart with Thee, ready, willing and able in the joyful anticipation and expectation of - Perhaps Today!”

J. A. Short


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