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Other English Books

List of Other English Books 其它英文書籍清單 :

  • Amillennialism Weight & Found Wanting  by John R. Ecob D.D.

  • A Few Hid Treasures Found in the Greek New Testament   by G.C. Willis

  • Adelaide Addresses   by Dr. Roland C. Edwards

  • Baptism   by H.A.Ironside

  • Between the two evenings – Notes of an address on Leviticus 23:5   by G.J.S.

  • Beyond The Grave   by John R. Ecob D.D.

  • Blazing the Trail   by W.A. Long

  • Blind Chang – The Christian Martyr of Manchuria

  • Born Crucified   by L.E.Maxwell

  • Born to Reproduce   by Dawson Trotman

  • Britain & USA     by John R Ecob DD

  • Change   by S.E.Robinson

  • Children’s Scriptural Colouring Book

  • Divine Headships of the Bible   by W.E. Vine, M.A.

  • Divine Love   by J.A.Short

  • Enjoying Ecclesiastes   by William MacDonald

  • Eternity to Eternity   by John R. Ecob D.D.

  • Extreme Devotion

  • Four Essentials – A Gospel Booklet                             

  • God’s Dwelling Place on Earth   by J.Murray Duncan

  • God’s Way of Electing Souls to Eternal Life as Revealed in His Word   by M.S.B.

  • Here Am I Lord…but send Daphne   by J.A. Short            

  • How to Mark Your Bible   by Mrs. Stephen Menzies

  • Illuminated Children’s Scripture Colouring Book “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart”

  • Lays of Life and Hope   by William Blane

  • Leviticus for Lambs   by Arthur Smith

  • Mary of Bethany   by J.R. Miller

  • Not wrath but rapture   by H.A.Ironside

  • Our Lord’s Appointed Feast      by Norman C.Deck, B.D.S

  • ”Reception” is it to God’s assembly – or to the Lord’s table?   by J.M.Flanigan

  • ​Russia & Islam     by John R Ecob DD

  • Sacrifices of Joy   by G. Christoper Willis

  • Short Papers   by G.V. Wigram

  • Sin and Sins   by C.W.

  • Synopsis of the Books of the Bible   by J.N. Darby

  • Tales from the Middle Kingdom –Stories of China   by A.F. & G.C. Willis

  • The Bible Prophecy Handbook   by John R. Ecob D.D.

  • The Blessed Hope   by Hamilton Smith

  • The Bridge – a bible study correspondence course

  • The Bushman’s Guide   by W.Arnord Long

  • The Continual Burnt Offering – Daily Meditations on the Word of God   by H.A.Ironside

  • The Existence of Evil, its origin, permission and ultimate benefit   by M.S.B.

  • The Kingdom of God & The Kingdom of Heaven   by Earl Miller

  • The Levitical Offerings   by H.A.Ironside

  • The Lord’s Supper – a memorial of Christ   by J.G.Bellett

  • The Story of Robert Moffat –The Gardener Lad Who Became a Missionary

  • The Story of the Bamboo – a parable   by B.E. Newcombe

  • The Sufferings of Christ   by J.N. Darby

  • The Supreme Authority of the Lord Jesus Christ   by D. Peter H.L. Wee

  • The Weapons of our Warfare by J.A. Short

  • The Wonder of the Book   by Professor Dyson Hague

  • This Tremendous Lover – An Exposition of the “Hound of Heaven”   by R. Moffat Gautrey

  • Three Days and Three Nights in Jerusalem

  • To Bala for a Bible – The Story of the beginnings of the Bible Society by Elisabath Williams

  • Tortured for Christ   by Richard Wurmbrand

  • Tradition or Truth   by Vince Wall

  • True Discipleship   by William McDonald

  • Unfailing Triumph – memories of George Muller with many of his choice sayings   by Charles R. Parsons

  • Versions, Manuscripts, and 19th Century Critics   by John R. Ecob D.D.

  • Wonders of the Hebrew Alphabet   by W.E.Steele-Smith

  • Wrecks on the Burma Road

Our books, cards, tracts and materials are available free of charge. We appreciate however your donation towards cost of production and postage (Official receipt issued).

​基督福音書局內的書藉、咭、單張及材料㫮是免費提供。 我們歡迎你對成本及郵費的捐獻 (可提供收據)。

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