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The Throne


There is a very real place

but it cannot be located on any map in this world, nor on any map of the stars.


This place is called Heaven. It is a place of spotless and uncompromising holiness. It is such that it repels evil.


At the centre of this place is a Throne and upon that Throne sits One of Whom it is said, that through Him, and to Him are all things and to Whom be glory forever.


He is above all, before all and is the Upholder and Sustainer of all things.


By Him all things consist.


Stretching out from that Throne in all directions is a vast expanse that only the Creator of it can comprehend. The finite mind facing this grasps at straws for measurement and must ultimately surrender to infinity.


It is known that light travels at over 186,000 miles every second, and if light travels at that dizzying speed unceasingly for a solid year, the distance it has travelled is known as − “a light year.”


In space, the distances between those heavenly bodies which most closely neighbour each other can be up to thousands of light years. Yet in the sea of space, (which the finite creature perceives to be an expanding space away from him in all directions as if he were himself at the centre of a vast explosion) are unnumbered hosts of heavenly bodies. Some so huge as to make the Sun that shines on earth seem as a mere particle. They all vary in design, colour, composition, density and course. And every one of them is known by name to the One Who sits upon the Throne.


In the far reaches of space, in its orbit exists a tiny speck. A small component of a seemingly insignificant solar system. It had been dark, formless, void and empty, but the One on the Throne, transcending all reason, visited His special attention upon this celestial body and called it Earth. Upon it He worked the marvel of creative genius, placing there beauty, order, and fruitfulness.

Upon this Earth He placed a remarkable creature. This “being” like GOD Himself is a triune entity that was in first creation endowed with perfection like that of the Creator.


Called Man by His Maker; this “being” was given the right and privilege of a personal freedom to choose.


When presented with the actual choice of good or evil, he deliberately chose evil. By doing so, Man ruined himself, and lost fellowship with His Creator. He was cut off-adrift from the One upon Heaven’s Throne, and in so doing he became the source of destructive chaos that would mar the entire planet Earth.


That spot in the whole universe which had been the showcase of a glorious handiwork of the enthroned Creator, thus became a foul, fetid sore from which oozed dread darkness, hatred and death.


Upon this fallen planet grew and multiplied a race of fallen-from-glory creatures. Now, self (not GOD) orientated; hating and resenting GOD; loving evil, these helpless and hopeless “beings” who really have no redeeming worth – just “fallen” in state and condition are vessels of wrath fitted for destruction.


In existence then, teeming hordes of these creatures; (now sinful men and women) fill the streets of its wicked cities, plough the fields of its weed-choked soil as they scramble through a short span of time headed only for death.


Among this sordid mass (and very much a part of it), is a unique person called − ME.


I felt a strange attraction, yet knew a certain and real disconnect from that Central Throne and the seated One, but was helpless to overcome the condition in which I knew myself to be. I knew I had personally sinned against the holiness of that Throne and against my neighbour which made me fear the future.


To me, but a microscopic grain, a most blessed power of magnetic attraction actually discovered, called and secured me to behold and believe an enormously great wonder.


For, crossing the unfathomable reaches of space, from that Eternal Throne, One Who is the Son of the Living GOD, reached out and came into this vast sea of humanity. Into the sin dungeons of the world, JESUS − Son of the eternal GOD plunged Himself to affect a rescue – To do what? To save me.


To save me though He will need to redeem me and that redemption can only be achieved at an incomprehensible price, a price that none other could ever pay – for to purchase my redemption HE will need to pay an eternal cost, the cost being that He gives Himself for me!


This gift is so great that it spans the universe, and enters into the deep, deep  division of death caused by sin.


The gift of GOD that has brought life to my dead soul, is the matchless grace of GOD −a forgiveness of my personal sins and the gift of sinless eternal life in Himself becoming my life.


The Creator’s love for His creation gave His Son, and in that redeeming love, paid a purchase price so great that –

all – everyone − anyone –

who will repent and believe Him

can then say:


“The Son of GOD loved


 and gave Himself for


The gospel-glad tidings message is:

The Son of GOD Jesus Christ

gave all of Himself for all of you!




Please read in GOD’s Word:

Genesis 1;2

Job 26:9

Psalm 9:4, 7; 11:4; 45:6; 47:8; 89:4, 14, 29, 36; 93:2; 97:2; 103:19.

Isaiah 6:1; 66:1.

John 3:16; 12:23-33

Romans 3:23; 9:22 & 23; 11:36

Galatians 2:20

Colossians 1:16 & 17

Revelation 4:2, 20:11, 22:3.


[P.S. That Throne has now become for me a “Throne of Grace.” (Hebrews 4:16) There and from the enthroned One we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. I did and you may find this also! Come, right now and simply believe by trusting Jesus Christ, Son of GOD and Saviour!]


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